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riding mowers

20hp 42" cut

$1799.  13bx60rg544       LX426lt

20hp 46"cut Hydro

$2099. 13ax61rh544      LX466lt

22hp 50" cut Hydro

$2999.   13ap62rp544      SL500lt

zero turns

TIME CUTTERs Z series stamped deck and frame


z420 19 hp kohler ohv engine w/avs,dura bore castiron cylinder

double yoke front casters 3 gal fuel tank dual hydrolic transaxles  elec pto

adj foot rest  , seat springs  42" side discharge deck w/washout ports


z500 21 hp kohler  OHV engine w/pressure lube & spin on oill filter

engine cover, double yoke front casters, 3 gal fuel tank dual hydroli trans. electric pto

adj foot rest seat springs 50" side discharge deck w/washout port

74375z5060 25 hp kohler 50" cut deck 

toro zx titan series welded deck and frame

74603zx440 81hp kohler 44" cut 10 gauge cinstruction 
74812zx 4800 22hp briggs and stratton twin 48" cut 10 gauge cinstruction 
74816zx 4800 23 hp kohler 48" 10 gauge cinstruction 
74818zx5200 25hp kohler 52" deck 10 gauge cinstruction 

Z-MASTER 400 SERIES -  MID MOUNT ZRT(smaller back tires)
74412Z400 18 hp kohler w 48"" 7 ga Deep deck w/ stand , ac (wont take bag) 
74418Z400 19 hp kawasawki 48" deck 7 gauge deep (wont takte a bag) 
74410Z400 19 hp kawaasawki w/52" 7ga Deep deck w/stand, ac(wont take bag) 
Pro Value Series(greasable roller bearing spindles, std air cleaner, lrg rear tires)
74413Z449 19 hp kawasawki w/48" turbo-force 7ga deck w/stand , ac(will take bag) 
74442Z441 21 hp kawasawki w/52"  turbo force 7ga deck w/stand ac 
PRO PERFORMANCE SERIES(timmkon tapper bearings HD air filter)
74417Z453 23 hp kawasawki w/48""" turbo force 7ga deck w/dlx ac 
77414Z453 20 hp kohler w/52"" turbo force 7ga deck w/dlx air cleaner 
74116Z453 23 hp kawasawki w/52" turbo force 7ga  deck w dlx a/c  
78531twin soft bag for 48" deck requiers blower 78536 blower $995.00 
78532twin soft bag for 52" deck requiers blower 78537 blower $995.00 
78510Z400 dfs includes 48"" & 52" deck kit (HARD BAG COLLECTOR SYSTEM) 
Z-MASTER 580 SERIES - MID MOUNT ZRT w/roll over protection
bigger frames, timmken tapper bearings all spindles, greasable, 7 gauge rolled decks
deluxe seats, baffle adjustment for grass type, large transmisions, all take bag systems.
74249z500 25hp kawasawki w/60"' sd turbo deck  7 gauge adjustable seat 4" off set  
74291z5500 27hp kohler dlx air filtr pro w52"   deck   
74292z5500 27hp kohler dlx air filtr pro w52"   deck   
74238z528  28hp kawasawki dlx air filter pro w/60" turbo deck 4" offset 
74271z558 28hp kawasawki pro w/52" turbo deck dlx fitetr 
74272z558 28hp kawasawki pro w60" sd turbo deck dlx air filter 

z587 28 hp kawasawki liquid cooled w/72" sd turbo force deck dlx fltr

74282z560 27 hp kohler 52" turbo 
74283z560 27 hp kohler 60" turbo 
74284z560 27 hp kohler 72" turbo 

z558 28hp kawasawki liquid cooled w/72" SD turbo force deck

delux air cleaner/ adjustable seat/tappered bearings/c/w Zstand

74253z589 29 hp kawasawki liquid cooled w/60" sd turbo deck c/w z-stand 
74254z589 29 hp kawasawki liquid cooled  w72" sd turbo deck c/w z-stand 
74266z580-d 25 hp kubota lc DIESEL w/52" turbo force deck 
74267z580-d 25hp kubota LC DIESEL w/60" turbo force deck 
74274z580-d 25hp kubota LC DIESEL w/72" turbo force deck 
74268z597 27 hp diahatsu Liquid cooled deisel w/60" turbo foce deck c/w z stand 
74269z597 27 hp diahatsu Liquid cooled deisel w/72" turbo foce deck c/w z stand 
74280z597 27 hp diahatsu Liquid cooled deisel w/62REAR DISCHARGE turbo foce deck c/w z stand 
74281z597 27 hp diahatsu Liquid cooled deisel w/72REAR DISCHARGE turbo foce deck c/w z stand 

walk mowers

RECYCLERS  steel deck


6.5 190cc hp gts 22" vari speed fwd wash port c/w bag 3 in 1 


 6.5 190cc hp Push, side discharge no bag   
20094 6.5 190cc hp gts 22" vari speed fwd wash port c/w bag 3 in 1    

 6.5 hp 190cc 22" vari speed  HI wheel wash port c/w bag 3 in 1



200966.5 190cc hp personal pace 3in1 c/w bag wash port


200986.5 190cc hp ELEC START personal pace 3in1 c/w bag


SUPER RECYCLERS  aluminum deck

20053 6.5 190cc  SR4 Push, no bag 2 in 1 gts     
20090c6.5 190cc  SR4 PPace no/bag 2in1 gts 
20092c6.5 190cc  SR4 PPace c/w/bag 3in1 gts 
20055 6.5 190cc  SR4 PPace c/w/bag 3in1 gts     
200566.5 190cc  SR4 PPace w/bag 3in1 gts BOS


20057 6.75 195cc OHV SR4 PPace w/bag 3in1 presure lube      
20058190cc personal pace 3 in 1 c/w bag BOS ES 
20093c190cc personal pace 3 in 1 c/w bag BOS   
20062190cc personal pace 3 in 1 c/w bag  elec start  


22026 5.5 suzuki SP w/bag - Zone Start    
22031 5.5 suzuki SP w/Bag - Blade Clutch   
220405.5 suzuki SP w/Bag - Zone Start    
22170 6.0 Kawasaki SP w/Bag - Blade Clutch  
 59288 New - 22" Replacement bag only steel deck    
 59301 New - 22" Bag only replacment steel    
 59299 Steel Deck Bag Kit - 21" Recycler    
 59195 Cast Deck Bag Kit - 21" Super Recycler     
TOR 59199 Side discharge chute-Super Recycler     
TOR 59131 De-Thatcher - 21" Cast Deck Super Recycler    

mid size mowers

Hydro Drive Floating Deck

Gear Drive Floating Deck

Gear Drive Fixed Deck

                              Mid-size     Mowers

Mid-size MowersHydro-Floating DeckGear-Floating DeckGear-Fixed Deck
Engine OptionsKohler Command
15 & 20 hp
Vanguard 16 hp
Kohler Command 13, 15 & 18 hp
Kawasaki 12.5 hp
Vanguard 16 hp
Kohler Command 13 & 15 hp
Kawasaki 12.5 & 14 hp
Drive SystemTwin Hydro-Gear pumps w/ Kallevig Valves & twin Ross
Torqmotor wheel motors
4-speed Peerless 700
Series transmission
5-speed Peerless 700
Series transmission
Ground SpeedInfinite 0-6 mph forward
0-2.5 mph reverse
2.1-5.0 mph forward
2.5 mph reverse
2.0-6.0 mph forward
2.0 mph reverse
Drive Tires15-6.00 x 6.0, 4 ply15-6.00 x 6.0, 4 ply13-6.50 x 6.0, 4 ply
Fuel Capacity5 gallon5 gallon5 gallon
Steering ControlsT-Bar SteeringT-Bar SteeringT-Bar Steering
Speed ControlsT-Bar SteeringExtended Knee ShifterExtended Knee Shifter
Blade EngagmentElectro-magneticElectro-magneticManual
Starter15 & 20 hp electric,
16 hp recoil
12.5, 13, 15, 16 hp recoil
18 hp electric
recoil - all models
Width (at wheels)33"35" (12.5 Kohler 30")36" = 36", 48" = 48" (w/deck)
(to control bar)
44.5"44.5" (12.5 Kohler 43.5")43"
Length (engine head/muffler)43"40"36" = 77", 48" = 75"
SFS and Recycler DecksSPS 36", 44", 52" 62" R 37", 44", 52"SFS 32", 36", 37", 44", 52", 62"Fixed 36" & 48"
Cutting Height2" - 5", 1/2" increments2" - 5", 1/2" increments1" - 4.25", 1/4" increments
SpindlesCast iron 1" greaseableCast iron 1" greaseableAluminum 1" greaseless

snow blowers
Toro #38172 CCR Powerlite 325 Recoil Single Stage Gas SnowblowerSale price:$649.
Toro #38182 CCR Powerlite 325E Single Stage Gas Snowblower w/ Electric StartSale price:$749.
Toro #38515 CCR 2450 GTS Recoil 5 HP Single Stage Gas SnowblowerSale price:$929.
Toro #38516 CCR 2450 GTS 5HP Gas Single Stage Snowblower w/ Electric StartSale price:$999. 
Toro #38517 CCR 3650 GTS Recoil 6.5 HP Single Stage Gas SnowthrowerSale price:$1149.
Toro #38518 CCR 3650 GTS 6.5 HP Single Stage Gas Snowblower w/ Electric StartSale price:$1229.
Toro #Snow commander 7 hp recoil start full assembleySale price:$1459.
Toro #Snow commander 7 hp electric start fully assembled

Sale price:$1599.

Toro #38620 Power Max 826LE 8HP Two Stage Gas SnowblowerSale price:$1599.
Toro #38640 power max 1028lxe 10hp 28" wide head light electric startSale price:$2219.
Toro  # 38650 power max 1128oxe 11 hp 28" wide electric start head light

Sale price:$2849